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Keels machined from metal blocks


To achieve this type of keels, we start with a predefined metal block, larger thant the final dimensions of the part, which is machined with a CNC milling machine specially designed for working on large parts.

The obtained keels are homogeneous and monolithic.
Our perfect knowledge of materials and the ability to machine them place us as experts in the manufacturing of complex titanium, stainless steel and other alloy keels in.

Recent developments have enabled us to acquire the specific equipment and knowledge for the machining of carbon and composites.


Mechanically welded keel


To achieve a mechanically welded keel, elements are cut, pre-machined and welded to each other in our workshops.

To ensure perfect flatness and dimensional accuracy, the assembled part is machined on a CNC milling machine.

The advantage of a mechanically welded keel is that it saves a significant weight compared to a keel machined from a metal block.


Shaped an machined keel


To achieve this type of keel, we start from metal sheets that are pressed and welded together.

After this operation, they can be machined, depending on the client’s requirements.

The advantage of this solution lies in the economy of material compared to machining a block (different gauges).