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Our team

Our story

Guelt, the mother company with its roots in the manufacturing of equipments for the technically-demanding agrifood industry, founded Guelt Nautic more than 25 years ago to apply its mature expertise in precision metalwork for applications in another challenging market: performance sailing.

Established between the ocean racing centres of Lorient and Port-la-Forêt in South Brittany, Guelt Nautic has become a major company for design, manufacturing and refit of complex mechanical and high technological parts for ocean racing and yachting industries.

Thanks to its important production facility and its complementary skills (engineering, metalworks, mechanics, electrics, automation),
Guelt Nautic is able to respond with expertise and reactiveness to dimensioned and technically demanding projects.

Our philosophy

Driven by innovation, competition and challenge, our teams of technicians take on the challenges of the sailing world.

Our great knowledge of the boating industry and its constraints allows us to respond quickly and effectively to requests from skippers and their teams.


Our know-know

  • Machining of unit parts, small or medium series
  • 3D design and prototyping
  • Manufacturing of large parts (keels, bulbs…)
  • Mechanically welded units or metal block machining
  • CNC and conventional lathing, milling, rectification
  • Laser cutting
  • Surface treatment
  • Quality control
  • Processed materials: Steel – HLES steel – Aluminium – Bronze – Carbon – Stainless steel – Titanium – Plastic – PMMA – Composites



Production facility:

  • 5700 m² workshops
  • 1500 hours/week production capacity
  • 1 palletized machining center
  • 7 machining units, one of whiche robotized
  • 3 CNC large milling machines
  • 1  CNC boring machine
  • 5 CNC lathes
  • 4 conventional lathes
  • 1 parallel lathe
  • 1 conventional milling machine
  • 3 orbital grinders
  • 1 cylindrical grinder for large parts
  • 2T and 5T overhead cranes


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